JET ENGINE Powered Snowboard! (ONE DAY BUILD)

Avaldati 28 jaan 2021
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0:00 Intro
0:50 Cross Country Snowboarding
1:12 Where’s My Jets?
1:59 Let's Make It Real! (Build)
3:23 Keep Your Data Secure!
4:27 Bench Test!
4:58 Testing Begins
6:45 Project Debrief
8:04 Final Test
9:19 Outro
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  • thisisJapaneseanimeKONAN

  • thisisJapaneseanimeKONAN

  • It’s all fun until you start flying

  • I think we should use Saturn V rocket engines to launch submarines out to the ocean.

  • agent cody smith

  • 1:09 ...Hacksmith Industries... Subtitles: ...Accident Industries...

  • How has no one said anything about Agent Cody Banks.

  • With all these jet engines...did you consider to build the Anakin Skywalker's podracer?

  • Like just build 2 in the middle

  • You didn't put your ear plugs in properly...

  • WOW super cool vid now make a jet bike

  • Now just go down a hill and use the rocket

  • OP

  • Call of duty battle royale gamers know that jet engine powered snow board can't slide on hill side

  • I’d love to see Hacksmith Industries try to build a Sparrow from Destiny.

  • You guys remember Subway Surfers?

  • 2021: our jet engine powered snowboard 2027: our solar power jet 2031: the jet snowboard. “You’ve seen our snowboard and you’ve seen our jet..... Let me introduce our transforming jet snowboard”

  • Give it to Shaun white or someone with world class athletic ability.

  • [COOL]

  • I thought this is how they usualy do it in Canada

  • Wow that looks FUN

  • put a weight on the front

  • This channel has turned into whatever we can slap a jet onto we will

  • You could use the second one and fix it in the middle a bit apart so it clears your legs and a bit up cuz to clear the ground when you lean to turn that might fix it. Idk I’m a 16 year old so might not work (Something like this from the front) 0-\_/-0

  • Next you need to put the jet on a Wheelchair

  • Just put a counter weight in the front dude

  • Too slow

  • Sorry l haven’t watch for 10 months because off work

  • Did you forget hills exist?

  • wait, could u make one strong enough to make it fly??

  • Treasure planet fans are excited right now

  • Hack smith is officially tony stark industries

  • You should make a metal Beyblade

  • No kim trail

  • That looked too easy. Let’s see Hacksmith do something with snowshoes. 😁

  • Too bad it doesn’t go faster

  • This is from Agent Cody Banks

  • Can you build a 3d maneuver gear from attack on titan?

  • Counter balance at the front and two engines cocked 45° out or so to either side and a backpack with pouch/hose line for the fuel Just wondering 😁

  • The speed on the board reminds me of cod mobile BR snowboard ....

  • A Dude perfect and hacksmith industries collab would bei ultimate

  • Make sped boots 🥾

  • My man went from building fictional weapons from movies to building fancy piece of wood with a big engine on it

  • That one jet engine has seen a lot of use.

  • This is a bad idea. Edit: I guess on flat ground it’s okay. But on a slope that would be super dangerous!

  • This reminds me of that solar glider thing from treasure planet.

  • I mean..... ya but all the slopes are open

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  • Would it help the design by putting a weight on the front of the board? I'd like to see a 2.0 vid if possible.

  • Why do guys not just try to make a work goes on ice and everything surfboard man that would be great man

  • Make jet skis next

  • Twin Turbo next?

  • You should attempt the falcons wings. I know it seems impossible, and I won’t get mad if it is impossible, but it would be freaking EPIC if you could make them.

  • What if you don't have snow for it

  • Alguien que hable español

  • Wow

  • Normal question at hacksmith hq: Hey, got a jet engine lying around? im just gonna make a quick jet snowboard.

  • Crazy

  • Iirc Cody Banks had one of these! In the first movie haha

  • LOL this is like the new snowboard in cod mobile LOL

  • 0:23 I dont. I wear shorts in winter


  • So nobody’s gonna talk about the camera man

  • man that's great 🤩🤩

  • Cyberpunk 2077 list

  • Looks insanely hard to ride

  • What brand and type engine is this

  • In the future they gonna be showing us how to build a plane🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love my workplace, but all I borrow from them is postits. 😂


  • Imagine seeing “when I’m not building lightsabers or powerloaders I go snowboarding” in a tinder bio

  • Now all that's left it to attach this to the hoverboard

  • improper earplug insertion is not based

  • This is a stupid and inefficient use of a jet engine. So where do I buy one?

  • Imagine if they made Odm gear my life would be complete

  • With every video that involves this jet engine I fall asleep, not because the video is boring or smt but because the noise is so damn relaxing😂

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    • use two jets on the sides so that the center of g is better.

  • You're looking at the Call of Duty Mobile in real life snowboard

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  • Give it to Colin...He will make it go fast...

    • Don't forget to tell him I referred you +.1.

  • Don't you have TWO jet engines? Work out the kinks and then make a second one and race each other!

  • Agent Cody banks

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  • Try 2 turbines mounted in the middle or slightly forward wide enough to keep you from receiving burns.

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  • you should make predator wepons

  • Couldn’t you just attach an external weight at the front equal to the jet engines weight?

    • That would defeat the purpose of the jet. It being too heavy will stop it from propelling forward.

  • I had a question for you guys about a design I had for rocket boots I wanna go into more depth can you reach out to me or what’s the best way to contact you

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  • now do edf skis!

  • Imagine if they made Odm gear my life would be complete

    • Don't forget to tell him I referred you +.1.

  • Use a different board.. like a rocker board your board looks like its pretry edge heavy.. it should work better if you swapped it out for a rocker anything better than a hybrid of camber board like your riding here

    • Don't forget to tell him I referred you +.1.

  • Let's be a little strange having thrust come from your ankles

    • I bet that you can not build your own VR headset that leaves you in a completly different woeld with sound

  • Pobre el tipo que va detrás grabando, hagan un cambio jajaja

  • Treasure planet, or Agent Cody Banks??

    • Don't forget to tell him I referred you +.1.

  • use two jets on the sides so that the center of g is better.

    • Don't forget to tell him I referred you +.1.

  • Please do 4k

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