Avaldati 18 veebr 2021
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0:00 Intro
1:30 Our New Podcast!
2:38 How Do We Do What We Do?
3:44 How Much Money Do We Make?
6:03 How We Want To Expand The Business
7:05 Who Does What At Hacksmith
8:36 How Do We Make Videos?
11:20 Shop Tour!
13:55 Outro
Jump Jive and Sing By Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestre Surreal
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All I See By S2 Cool
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Cool Cats By Elvis Schoenberg's Orchestre Surreal
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Get Steeper By Diego Martinez
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  • Are you guys able to make doc octopus arms from spiderman I think that'll be a challenge

  • when I grow up imma work at hacksmith industries

  • Imagine if he created mark 1 with the same powers it will be awesome

  • Не советую отращивать бороду и волосы, ато когда шлем будешь одевать не налезет.

  • Cant waot till you get a factory or two to produce all of this

  • I was here before he became a super hero like iron man...

  • Ian looks like marnus labushagne

  • If he becomes iron man, I call dibs on being Spider-Man. Nobody else.

  • hmm i think i like him i am gunnnna sub

  • anyone else think the secret project was an iron man suit?

  • Only og’s remember the first wolverine claws

  • Сделай русский перевод. Субтитры русские или канал на русском

  • Can you make Falcons wings

  • Love from india

  • kk

  • kk

  • ;

  • ;;;;

  • ;;;;;;

  • ;;;

  • cut your hair dude

  • By 2077 he be living the life in Cyberpunk in some way

  • Dis nigga look like capt in infinity war fr . Congrats on ur business tho that’s dope I’m jelly

  • Dooooo a video with Mark Rober

  • I think he is going to get kidnapped by terrorists ..... Wait.

  • 13:50 ONLYFANS???

  • Why can’t sponsor contracts just say “no scam plz thanks”

  • Just imagine a robber robbing a gas station, and someone stops him with a light sabor and captain America shield

  • If u make a bulllet proof full body suit, then you can probably stop a robbery with your cap shield and one of your weapons, like light sabor or blasters

  • There’s nothing stopping this man from becoming a real life super hero Except physics

  • Im pretty sure the "secret project" was the Inspector Gadget flying spinning rotor ha thingie. I know you wont see this, but if you do please heart this comment or reply if i am right.

  • I cant tell. Was he actually serious when he said most of his revenue came from military contracts. I know you wont see this, but if you do, please reply to this comment and tell me if u actually have military contracts.

  • I am a high school student and a programmer , looking to get a degree and meet you guys asap and maybe join the team , be waiting for my application on year 2030 y

  • My hope would be that hacksmith and adam savage collaborate because one has the ability of flight and the other has a working helmet and repulsor along with asthetic, if they got together to combine the two elements and make the legs and chestpiece to be functional then they would be able to make the worlds closest thing to iron man!

    • We already collaborated with Gravity Industries (the real one that has the ability of flight!) You should check it out!

  • Petition for James to make the primal shotgun. Haha primal shotgun go brrrrrr

  • I met Dave yesterday at my work, he's a great guy and pointed me towards the channel

  • God of war

  • I want to be a superhero and i don't know how but please tell me how to be a real life superhero please please please please please

  • make “IT” real

  • can we buy your merchandise from any region

  • God he loves himself so much.

  • Make an iron man suit out of all the iron man products you have made over the years

  • James: "Our videos will always be free to watch" Also James: tHiS vIdEo iS fOr ChAnNeL mEmBeRs OnLy

  • This guy can forme the Avengers cas he's got all the weapon he's got skills

  • 2:02 69 watching

  • were they joking about military contracts or not. their work is so weaponizable that i can't tell

  • my dream is working for u

  • You really telling me you can make a god damn real life light saber, and a iron-man glove etc, but you cant make a sound proof studio

  • Not a team of people no a team of legends!

  • creativity + technology = Hacksmith Industries

  • This guy is getting ready for zombie apocalypse lol

  • I need Iron suit

  • James you built it you can fit in it why don't you just drive to half scale cyber truck

  • If he becomes a billionaire he could probably do it

  • Top secret military contracts?

  • Hi

  • He became Leonardo dicaprio holding wine holy shi-

  • You guys should hire mark rober if he’s up for it

  • Guys, i have a suggestion/challenge, can you make at least an operator like Gravity Spikes/Anihilator/Reaper/Tempest/Shadow Balde? I'd really love to see that irl

  • Show secret project pls 0_o

  • What 3d printers do you use ?

  • James is secretly a doomsday prepper and hes just making this stuff to survive lol

  • Tony Stark is gone but theres a window of opportunity and someone will step up

  • Working in Hacksmith Industries is my dream job now🔥🔥🔥 Will mwt you in thw future James Mark my words🔥🔥🔥❤❤ You are a celebrity to me❤❤😘😍😘🔥🔥

  • I saw hacksmith genetics, run before they create the boogey man

  • You give me inspiration to continue my engeenering dream

  • When you will get married

  • When you will get married

  • When you will get married

  • What is the secret project?show us in next video pleaseeeee.

  • 13:38 I swear I saw onlyfans in that flashing text

  • Everybody gangsta till he meets up with elon musk

  • hacksmith onlyfans something i'd pay for

  • When somebody robs this place

  • Hear me out... power armor

  • That place sounds like the life,how do I sign up?

  • Omg, The old intro, ohh the nostalgia, I can't!

  • You should make winter soldier arm that bust through stuff

  • Well 1:11 why is everyone wearing a half pant

  • what was that that wallet 13:23

  • I think you forgot bathroom number 6... but really why do you need 5 bathrooms?...

  • After the iron man suit time to build all the different Javelins in Anthem 👀 you’ll already have the design

  • I don't know much but it sounds really fun to help

  • Top Secret Teleporter

  • Still waiting for the hero alliance to assemble with them being funded behind hacksmith industries 😂

  • ok i actually think u r gonna become iron man!

  • Honestly, I think he deserves to be iron man irl lmao

  • at the ends did anyone else notice when it said onlyfans lol

  • 6:53 he is joking now, but soon we'll see Canada use lightsabers in war...

  • This was on my birtnday

  • How has Elon Musk not invested in you guys?

  • wow im amazed

  • I think you are trying to hard to make the actual iron man suit. Just do what Tony stark did for Mark 2 and other further suits, make an ai to help you.

  • You should become an real life iron man

  • make the mek 5 the sute case suite pls

  • Is your shop available in India?

  • I remember the beginning of this channel, I really thought you were gonna be iron man one day.

  • 1:29 Jacksepticeye: DO YOU HAVE 90 MINUTES

  • I rarely come to this channel and others like it. The problem is that in the Western world, there is really only one group of people that have the opportunities to succeed as this channel has. Even when it comes to companies like SpaceX have a really difficult time being ethnically inclusive. There just isn't anyone on these channels that look like me or anyone of "color". So, what I am saying is that if I see people that look like me...(not White), I'd be a faithful subscriber, and I am sure my voice is not alone.