Avaldati 15 okt 2020
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  • these guys are ready for the purge

  • 4000° PROTO-LIGHTSABER TEST hosted and narrated by Obi Wan Kenobi

  • The shitty sound effects we don't need

  • They could make weapons that could suppress mankind for the next few decades, but no, they make shit from movies

  • If you make it a little bit more concentrated than I think you would actually be able to quickly swipe it...right??? Also I wonder what he would do if the light saber was at 400,000° Fahrenheit

  • 2990: worlds first supertiny nuclear reactor

  • Who's still watching this in 2021 Still cool

  • You know you gotta give up if you see that thing piercing your steel door

  • Disney: we build metal hilts Saberforge: we build metal hilts and have neopixel LEDS Hacksmith: hold my beer

  • Although this is really cool and I love the result it feels more like a modified oxygen lance than a proto saber. But I still really like this.

  • how about "TRYING TO" cut through a "BULLET PROOF" piece of glass?

  • Touch

  • I wood cat a tree

  • I would have cut off my head by mistake

  • The guy running the test had no pazzas

  • Well that is cool

  • Can you make a lightsaber without all those attachments

  • Was anyone else sad when he used the lightsaber on the car?

  • Too slow. I need my light sabres to slash limbs off with one quick slash, not take 10 seconds to do so. But a good first concept.

  • Still not really a lightsaber but because you have to wear all that shit on your back and it still doesn't even come close to how quick and clean a lightsaber can cut but nice try

  • Climate change: The powerrrrrrr💪💪💪💪

  • 10 years to evolve this thing into a really good lightsaber.

  • When watch sw movie I always wonder that how did Jedi use such very danger weapon without hurt themself, even small touch with skin can make flesh body deep wound

  • “You can get this mace windu lightsaber cut by the first retractable lightsaber” Me: no thanks I already have the mace windu lightsaber.

  • Wondering if it could be used as a soldering or Welding Tool as well plus one would have to learn how to use the gauges on the back on the tank to make sure it doesn't get too hot

  • How much would it cost to buy one of those?

  • Am I the only one who wants the fast cut?

  • So awesome

  • Good! Now build a star destroyer.

  • Soooo, you basically made a propane based flame thrower.

  • where can i get one of these

  • You’d have to be pretty brave to break into their warehouse.

  • Why is the "steel door" cut in half, why did you hit only the bottom with the sledge?

  • 7:30 if that's why my organ donation on my license is going for, I think i need to take a trip to the dmv

  • Thats cool and all but a normal plasma cutter does all these things ... way faster. So congrats on making an weaker plasma cutter.

  • 1/4 inch steel does not represent a blast door...lol

  • YES

  • Is this Revans theme I hear?

  • I'm scared

  • 2:16 WHERE IS MR START .?.???

  • lame

  • You could light cities on fire with enough time, do we trust him with this?

  • *uses lightsaber on boat*Now that's aLoT of dAmAgE

  • You can make the lightsaber also with the laser you used for iron man gauntlet unibeam

  • This guy is set for the apocalypse.

  • lol ok another BUT But it's too short!! lol LOVE it I want one! (suggestion for glass - rock- its quicker!)

  • Only if the PLASMA is hotter - double the heat. LOL

  • Alguém assistindo no br

  • Imagen if a robber tried to rob hack smith

  • Im actually worried of their health. Considering all that shit they burn up they should wear some proper gas masks.

  • If u ask hacksmith to build doctor whos porta potty he will be like: say no more

  • Is this for sale

  • It also looks like a flame thrower when the flames were used to cut the steels.

  • You should write this on the bottom” to those who oppose, I shall end Them with the bros”

  • 200033732747274274:worlds first blaster

  • Im still not convinced this is anything more than a really cool flamethrower until it’s good enough to actually swordfight (IE two beams can be held up against one another and not pass through one another). I get though because physics is lame this is probably impossible given the high temperatures of the plasma...

  • I'd like to see one with a real plasma beam not just hot flames

  • 2035: worlds first lightsaber without the pack Btw the hacksmith cooking in a nutshell: well why not just cook the food immediately with a lightsaber

  • Congratulations- you made a thermal lance .

  • put it through a ham

  • You should test the lightsaber against a bullet prrof glas box. The one that ytrs have trouble breaking

  • Make another lightsaber that’s real an have a lightsaber battle

  • wow, cool this and that but don't you guys consider that you might be encouraging future criminals?

  • 2025: “Breaking news Florida man with robs a bank with a LIGHTSABER.”

  • It seems like a unusual fabrication machine 😂😂😂lol

  • 2100 light saber wars

  • *dear god he is in the year 2077*

  • Cut through some thing fast to see if it will slice through

  • It's a flame thrower. It's just a flame thrower.

  • NOOOOOOOOO that is just a fine costume :(

  • Do you realise there’s a guy called on speaker Ball and he does I need to leave sleep study to Mr P is basketball arena for you wiring so don’t try to make it for youDo a sick

  • 5:44 So that's what Sam did to Caps shield

  • I wonder if it makes exactly these sounds

  • We all know every 5 minutes a star wars battle would pause so they could recharge their lightsabers

  • 3:47 :😋mmmmmmm who is cooking? Smells great🤣

  • Perfect

  • It is just fire

  • 4:31 that's an antique in about 50 years its gonna be worth 2 million dollars lol

  • Now make a suit that can withstand it

  • Y'all out there making legendary weapons for the post apocalypse tbh

  • How you make dis

  • This is how gas welding feels

  • try to cut the most reistant metal

  • It’s literally just pyro from tf2.

  • I want to test it with barbeques

  • He should make more for the army

  • 5 Year Olds: Mom Are LightSabers Real? Mom: No Honey It's Just a Movie Hacksmith: **Busts Through Door** Hacksmith: **Takes Out Lightsaber** Hacksmith: Excuse Me, What?

  • When lightsabers get fire aspect 2

  • im sitting here like its not cutting the blaster and steel door immediately i got clcikbaited

  • It looks like mav from r6

  • James’s catchphrase is WOO!

  • I'm just curious. Do you ever actually do anything that'll help out mankind or do you just make gimmicky things for YT money. Let me guess, you're woke though right, so it is ok for you to make weapons on a YT video that many kids see?

  • James, you and your crew both impress and terrify me.

  • 2040:today we are cutting a replica of me using a lightsaber

  • Can you change the length of the blade

  • Where do you get the marvel stuff???

  • Now i want a duel

  • What is the government gave you permission to kill the worst person ever the baddest guy has done the most robberies

  • Can you make Shadow the Hedgehog's shoes?

  • decapitate storm trooper pls. also make a darth maul light saber